The Gambia attends UNWTO Global Conference

The Gambia attends UNWTO Global Conference on Linking Tourism, Culture and Creative Industry pathway for Recovery and Inclusive Development. Lagos, Nigeria 14-16 November 2022

A high profile delegation from The Gambia led by the Minister of Tourism and Culture Honourable Hamat NK Bah joins the World at the above mentioned global conference under the aegis of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) currently under way in Lagos, Nigeria.

The delegation from The Gambia also includes the Director Generals of both the Gambia Tourism Board and the National Centre for Arts and Culture of The Gambia and two other senior officials of the GTBOARD.

This highly attended global conference gathered top-notch panelists and stakeholders to discuss linkages and opportunities between cultural tourism and the creative industries. As part of the first day’s deliberations the Director General, Gambia Tourism Board took his turn and presented Destination Gambia, The Smiling Coast of Africa to the admiration of all attendees.
The Global Conference seeks to offer a unique networking opportunity for industry players, practitioners, government officials and policy makers to debate contemporary and future issues, as well as exchange ideas and information relating to tourism, culture and the creative industry;
• Promotes innovative policies to harness the symbiotic potential of cultural tourism and the creative industries;
• Identifies investment avenues and mobilization of human and financial resources to boost recovery
• And amongst others.
You will recall that as part of the New Tourism Policy and Strategy, Destination Gambia is required to consolidate the gains already made in the Nigerian market as one of the key regional source markets. Efforts are therefore underway to undertake a major and aggressive marketing campaign in Nigeria to attract high spenders/elite groups.