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Getting around Gambia

Getting Around


Tour Operators

Tour operators use comfortable air-conditioned coaches for the transfer of their guests (tourists) from the airport to the hotels. Four wheel vehicles such as Land Rovers and other heavy duty vehicles are mostly used for excursions. For those wishing to adventure out on their own or in small groups, there are three different taxi services in The Gambia.

Tourist Taxis

These are mostly painted green and have a “tourist taxi” sign on their cars. These taxis are licensed by The Gambia Tourism Board and dedicated to serve tourists and other visitors. They are normally parked outside the hotels or resort areas. They operate on a queue system and have a published tariff for all distance within The Gambia and outside. All tourist taxis have a unique number assigned to them on the taxi signs and tourists are advised to note these numbers when they make use of a taxi service. Noting these numbers is important, especially in the event a tourist forgets something in the taxi or should a disagreement ensue during your trip hire.

Yellow and Green Taxis

These are mainly 4-passenger saloon cars painted in yellow and green colours, which run a shared taxi service between short distances or parked at the roadside for individual hire. These are not ‘Tourist Taxis’ and have no numbering schemes on them. Tourists that take these taxis take them at their own risk.

Collective Van Taxis

The most common way of travelling in The Gambia for locals is by collective taxis otherwise called “Bush” taxis. These are mainly 7-passenger cars, vans, minibuses and buses. They do not have a single colour and they operate a shared service between both short and long distances. They have a set fare. Please ask for the fare before you board the vehicle. They can make several stops on the way to allow passenger to disembark at their various destinations.

Car Rental

There are several car rental companies in The Gambia. Check with your hotel receptionist or at the airport for details. Visitors wishing to hire a vehicle should hold an International driving license or permit. With such licenses you can legally drive in The Gambia for a maximum period of three months. Outside of the possession of an international driving license any tourist wishing to hire a vehicle in The Gambia should make use of the services of a licensed driver.

Important Phone Numbers

Fire Station

Fire Station
Phone numbers:
(220) 449-58-24
(220) 446-34-70
Churchill Town
(220) 437-27-07
(220) 448-45-59
Head Quarters: Banjul
(220) 422-43-24


Police Station
Phone numbers:
Bakau, SaitMatty Road
(220) 449-53-28
(220) 571-01-15
Kairaba Avenue
(220) 449-56-08
(220) 446-53-59
(220) 439-22-08


Phone numbers:
Banjul International Airport
(220) 447-30-00
Gambia Tourism Board
(220) 446-24-93
Gambia Ports Authority
(220) 422-72-33
Central Bank of The Gambia
(220) 422-76-33
The Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency
(220) 437-73-78