Banjul Cultural Festival & Carnival

It's a long-standing display of the local Banjul culture and masquerade parade annually from Christmas Day to New Year's in January. Banjul, the capital city is a melting pot of ethnicities.

Kartong Festival

Description This festival includes a cultural display of various choreographic dances and traditional music of the two border communities of Kartong in the Gambia and Casamance in Senegal for a long weekend. It involves drumming and dance training sessions for visitors wanting to learn the rhythms of the Djembe and the two cultures separated […]

Trade Fair

A trade fair organized to expand business opportunities for both public and private enterprises and to create private sector jobs in addition to exhibiting product locally made as well as linkages with international businesses

Independence Day Celebration

Description This festival showcases the Gambia’s hospitality and culinary art in its diversity. It is an exhibit of our local food immersed with entertainment of our local performances. The festival provides a “taste of the Gambia” and compliments the international foods that are also found in the Gambia. Cultural Significance The festival displays our […]

Sukuta Dembadu Carnival & Cultural Festival

Sukuta Dembadu Carnival and Cultural Festival is to recognize, celebrate and appreciate all aspects of the Kombo culture. Sukuta Sabiji as the oldest settlement that leased the Island of Banjul to the British, safeguards the intangible cultural heritages of the people of the Kombos.

Amsterdam/ Plymouth Banjul Rally

Description Plymouth Banjul Rally is a charity rally that starts from Plymouth, UK, through other countries with Banjul as its ultimate destination. All cars that make it to the Gambia are auctioned in aid of local charities for Jammeh Foundation for Peace. Cultural Significance Geared towards poverty alleviation. The proceeds from the car auctions […]

Bureng (Koosee) Cultural Festival

The rebirth of this festival has awakened the new generation of Mandinka on the need to take pride in their cultural traditions. Knowledge of the past is essential if they want to take up the mantle of leadership in their societies and their manhood passage.

May Day Sports

This is designed to encourage and provide opportunity for Africans in the Diaspora to re-discover their roots and re-connect, re-affirm and re-embrace their ancestral identity.