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FREQUENTLY Asked Question

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What are the key function of GTBOARD ?

The tourism regulatory body and responsible for marketing and promotion of The Gambia as a tourism destination

What is the mandate of GTBOARD and what are your areas of focus ?

The Gambia Tourism Board is the institution mandated by Government to promote The Gambia as a Tourism Destination

What type of tourism is offered ?

It caters for all tourists (nature lovers, Bird watching, Trekking, leisure and Exotic, water sports and fishing enthusiast) etc

What are the Statutory Provision ?

  • Tourism Regulations
  • Gambia Tourism Board Act

Where to book hotels?

Visit the to get the relevant information

Where to visit?

The whole country is full of interest sites

The country Security

The Gambia is one of the safest countries in Africa where tourists can move freely.

Important numbers

+220 4462496 /9/1

Does it rain in December ?

The country enjoys virtually uninterrupted sunshine and high daytime temperatures with almost no rainfall from November to June.

Do i need a visa?

Most Europeans do not require a visa to visit. Check your nearest embassy or consulate.

How long is the visa?

Those needing Visas would be issued upon arrival and normally for 28 days.

What kind of vaccines do I need?

Check with your Physician and health service requirements

Is it dangerous/ safe to travel around?

It is very safe to travel around

Where can I exchange the money - is there ATMs?

There are many banks and currency exchange bureaus. You can also change money at your hotel. ATM services are also available in many tourist locations

Can I use credit or debit cards to pay for goods and services?

Master and Visa cards are accepted in many major shops and restaurants. Please enquire before you buy.

Is the beach safe to swim/ surf?

There are safe times to swim. Always check the beach flagging signs. Do not swim when the red flag is up

Are there sharks?

There are no sharks or predators near the beach

Are there European embassies?

There are Embassies or consulates for most European countries.

How do you get around?

You can use a tourist taxi from the hotel to any destination. Other forms of transport are available

What is the common dress code?

Highly revealing and indecent clothing is not permited.

Is it safe to travel with children? What kind of precautions do we have to make?

The Gambia offers child friendly accommodations and services in a safe and secure manner.

What are the medical facilities like?

There are public and private hospitals and clinics easily accessible. One can also buy over the counter and prescribed medicines at various pharmacies.

Is there internett wifi and mobile telephone services?

The Gambia enjoys the services of Four GSM providers. All hotels and major restaurants have free Wi-Fi access.

Is there a lot of crime?

There is a very low crime rate in the destination.

What is the time difference?

The Gambia is on GMT and maximum time variance with European countries is 2 hours

Is it safe to bring computers and electronic devices?

It is safe to bring limited number of personal devices freely.

What voltage is generally used?

220 Volts

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